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The Asian-American Students in America (A.S.I.A.) Foundation was created by the dedication of the Vietnamese Dual-Language Program teachers and local volunteers with focuses of helping develop leadership skills, promoting and introducing Asian cultures to and providing educational and career guidance to students menbers. The A.S.I.A Foundation was originally founded on October 2000 as a nonprofit organization. The organization was formerly known as Walnut Creek-Vietnamese Foundation.


Mission:  Lead students to a successful personal education paths, enrich their lives with cultural experiences, advocate and promote Asian culture in America and guide students to develop leadership skills. (L.E.A.D)


Vision: Assist students in The Foundation to succeed in America. Provide students with the educational foundation, career guidance, and help develop student’s leadership skills to help them become successful citizens in the future.  

We believe that our students are our future. We strive to develop motivated, ethical, and accountable students. Build students’ confidence and encourage excellence in all they do.  Focus on the students to become future leaders, encourage and provide them scholarships to pursue higher education. For many years, our foundation has made positive impact on in the lives of students from pre-k to college. Teachers, parents, professionals, and students made up the all volunteer management team of our organization.

Asia Foundation is committed to promoting academic success. We started the scholarship program in 2008 to promote in pursuing higher education. Our scholarship programs awards a scholarship of $2000 over four years the to qualified students members who enroll in a higher education program. Our four-year scholarship are awarded to student members of A.S.I.A Foundation who embody the values of our organization: community involvement, peer leadership and acdemic achievement. 

Robert Pham

Thuy Nguyen

Kim Dung Nguyen

Son Nguyen

Thuan Tang

Tracy Tran


Linda Cao

Timmie Bui

Quoc Pham

Patrick Nguyen


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