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Asia Foundation is committed to promoting academic success. We started the scholarship program in 2008 to promote in pursuing higher education. Our scholarship programs awards a scholarship of $2000 over four years the to qualified students members who enroll in a higher education program. Our four-year scholarship are awarded to student members of A.S.I.A who embody the values of our organization: community involvement, peer leadership and acdemic achievement. 




The A.S.I.A. After-school mentoring and tutoring program is offered to the Vietnamese Dual Language program students with the collaboration of the Vietnamese Dual Language certified teachers, A.S.I.A. Foundation and Vietnamese Students Association (VSA) at the University of Texas. The program’s goals and objectives are to guide our students in both academics, and social development.

The A.S.I.A. After School Program:

  • Provides academic tutorial to Vietnamese Dual Language Program Students

  • Provides multicultural learning environment

  • Strengthen home-school connection with parents 



The Cultural Enrichment Programs enhance our students with unique educational experience that enrich the academic and social development of students. 

These programs connect our students to their environment, community, culture, and to each other. They also encourage students appreciate the multi-cultural world in which we live. Our program provides opportunities for students to collaborate, develop leadership skills and express themselves through exposure to and participation in the cultural art forms of lion and dragon dancing, Taiko drumming and marshal art under the guidance of instructors and teachers. 



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