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Cultural Enrichment Programs


To enrich culture and develop leadership skills among our youth student members, the ASIA foundation offers opportunities for students to participate in Lion and Dragon Dance, Taiko Drum and Martial Arts clubs.

Lion Dragon Dance


Lion and Dragon Dance embraces the beauty, art, culture, traditions, and history of Asian culture. A good performance is believed to bring luck and happiness. Gestures and movements that closely mimick the emotions of the mystical animal tells the story behind the performance. Lion/Dragon dancing helps students to develop respect, team-work, and social development. 

Taiko Drum


The word taiko actually means “drum” in Japanese and is where the art of taiko drumming originates from. Taiko-drumming designed to help develop perseverance, honor, respect, humility, empathy, team-work, and social development of a student. 

Martial Arts


The Summitt martial arts class had been taught for over 10 years by Mr. Danny Ngo. This wonderful program continues to exist thanks to the hard work of our volunteer Martial Arts instructor and his awesome youth volunteers.


Marshal arts was taught to protect those that are weak and to give the weak a chance to become the strong. All traditional marshal arts teachers wanted their lessons to be passed down in hopes to teach the new generation respect and true discipline as they grow up. Marshal arts is not easy at all because it takes considerably a long time to gain the skills needed. Marshal arts teaches respect, loyalty, honor, courage, patience, endurance, perseverance, team work, will power and social development of a student. 

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